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Five "Cs" To Promoting Positive Relationships

Five "Cs" To Promoting Positive Relationships

Connection/Building a Trust
Connect and build trust with people on a personal one to one level, listen intently, show compassion and empathy, spend quality time with the people, and reinforce your words with actions as trust is the foundation upon which all relationships and interactions are built

Make an effort to always communicate in an open, honest and direct manner. This allow for people to hear your message as you intended vs. allow others to create their own interpretations and assumptions

Enter into most relationships with a spirit of cooperation this will often lead to a win/win situation. As all parties will feel that their thoughts, ideas and solutions were heard and considered which opens the door for everyone to feel validated, supported and apart of the process/solution

Clear Expectations
Set clear expectations then under promise and over deliver. Stop yourself from agreeing to demands and unrealistic time frames just because you want to please others. Give yourself time to think rationally about the consequences of dedicating your time and energy to it

When the opportunity presents itself make an effort to get everyone's contributions, thoughts , and ideas allow everyone to feel connected to the process of coming up with a viable solution that may have an impact on their life/work

As you establish these 5 Cs you will see your personal and work relationships flourish and blossom into something special and unstoppable.

Which "C" can you start implementing today to improve your relationships?