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Top 5 Tips About Blogging to Get You Started With Your Home Based Business

Top 5 Tips About Blogging to Get You Started With Your
Home Based Business

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Blog writing is high on the list for the best Work From Home Based Business Opportunities. The people who are making money from blog writing are those who enjoy writing. your talent for writing must be changed into a business so lets talk about what it takes

1. You can start your own blog and write articles for yourself. In order to get a good sample of articles I would recommend that you start your own blog. this is in addition to starting a business writing for other bloggers.

You can go to and start a blog for free. If you keep it somewhat generic you can write articles on various topics which potential customers can view to see your writing style.

One good idea is to purchase a domain names such as and then redirected to your Blogger URL.

2. Finding customers who need blog articles is very easy to do. There are literally millions of blogs right now that are not current with fresh content.

You can go to any discussion forum or social networking site and let people know you want to write blog articles. You will find people interested in talking to you and out of that you can begin to build a client base.

3. What should you charge for your articles is a problem for new writers. Initially this is something you may need to work out with potential customers on an individual basis.

A good rule of thumb is to charge about five dollars for a 250 word article. It will depend on the niche that you are writing for your skills will improve over time and your speed will get faster.

Although you will not get rich earning $20-$25 an hour sitting at home writing is not bad at all.

4. You must treat this as a business and ways complete to task on time this is very important. To make sure that your reputation spreads and your income increases you must try to be punctual for your customers.

5. You do not have to be a professional writer to work from home writing blog articles. But you do need to provide decent content with proper grammar and spelling.

One of the best Work From Home Based Business Opportunities is offering a service such blog writing this is because there is a high demand. This will only increase in the future, and if it's something that appeals to you, presents a tremendous income opportunity.

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