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4 Great Places to Meet People (Other Than Bars)

Well I am not a bar hopper, so me meeting a cool person at a bar is very slim.  I thought about where men hangout and thought of these non-alcoholic spots that are conducive for meeting people for the following reasons:

  • The surroundings provide subject matter and spark conversation
  • They are quieter than bars so you can hear each other
  • They bring people with common interests together

My top 4 places are:

People gather before the show starts, and intermissions provide a little window to chat with people about the production. Then, at the end of the production, there's always time too.

Sporting Events/Casinos
If you like sports, then try a sporting bar, as there is plenty to talk about as people react to their team's performance, or wear sports apparel reflecting their team allegiance. Ladies, pls do not go to the sporting bar if you have no concept at all about sports. As the point is to go and have fun/relax and meeting new people.  

Book Stores/Cafes
Lots of people talk about books they are reading, even when someone approaches them and asks them about the book. Book stores surround us with conversation-starting items. You can even "select" someone based on what section they are browsing.

My friend Karen is taking bowling classes and tells me about all of the great people she's met in class. It can be any type of class  (cooking, yoga, dance, music, computers) is a great place to meet people. Any class you join will include people with similar interests. It's a low-pressure environment that encourages teamwork. And, even if you don't meet that special someone, you're still improving yourself.

Where do you like to meet people?